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2 km/hr) in pursuit of prey, but they can’t sustain this speed for long. If a wolf decides that it will not be able to catch a prey animal, it gives up the chase to save energy for the next try. The cheetah is a relatively small “big cat” that lives in Africa. The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. It can run at a speed of 70 miles per hour, although it cannot maintain this speed for long. There are so many examples of interesting feeding behaviors among predators that there isn’t space to describe them all here.

Browsers and grazers need large, strong grinding teeth to break down cellulose. They also need special enzymes and bacteria in their digestive tracts to digest it. Plant food is so difficult to digest that some animals eat the same food twice. When a cow “chews its cud,” it is re-chewing food that has already been chewed and swallowed. A cow bites off some plant food and then chews and swallows it. After the food spends some time in its stomach, the cow brings it back up into its mouth and chews it some more.

Some of the single-celled organisms lost the ability to make food. They had to look elsewhere to find nourishment. The only food available to them was the blue-green algae. They developed a variety of ways to hunt for and consume the algae. Some of these ancient hunters are still with us today. The amoeba is a single-celled organism that hunts other singlecelled organisms. The amoeba has no definite body shape. It moves by streaming: It changes its shape by creating and extending “false feet” (pseudopodia) that move it forward.

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