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By Richard Foster Jones

ISBN-10: 0486244148

ISBN-13: 9780486244143

Enticing, erudite research of upward push of clinical flow in 17th-century England; Francis Bacon’s function fairly under pressure. Revised (1961) variation.

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But as long as the vnskilfull and sluggish Phisition may enjoy that immanitie [immunity] and freedome, and as long as it shalbe allowed in the Scholes to be heresie and foule ignoraunce to speake against any part of Aristotle, Galen Auicen, or other like heathens doctrine: as long, as the Galenists may shrowde themselues vnder the Wings and protection of Princes, Priuiledges and Charters, the cause of the Chimycall Phisition must needes lye in a desperate state. And no man almost shalbe able to attayne to the perfection in true Phisicke.

These sprang almost entirely from the utilitarian element in scientific thinking and from the lowered intellectual gifts demanded of experimenters. The farmer, artisan, and mechanic, because they were in contact with natural things and were unhindered by any intellectual principle of exclusion, rise in importance and receive considerable recognition. The democratic implication in this situation can hardly escape notice, and indeed becomes conspicuous in what Sprat says about the liberal membership policy adopted by the Royal Society.

Xii- CONTENTS Preface vii THE RENAISSANCE I. The Scientific Attitude of the Elizabethans 3 II. The Decay of Nature 22 III. The Bacon of the Seventeenth Century 41 IV. The Gilbert Tradition, 1600-1640 62 THE PURITAN ERA I. The Advancement of Learning and Piety 87 II. The Revolt from Aristotle and the Ancients 119 III. Projects, Inventions, and the Progress of Science 148 THE RESTORATION I. The Defence of the Experimental Philosophy 183 II. The "Bacon-faced Generation" 237 III. Conclusion 268 IV.

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Ancients and Moderns (Washington University Studies.) by Richard Foster Jones

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