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By the spring of 1945, there were about 420 M10Cs with the 21st Army Group of which nearly 300 were in unit service. Of these, about 120 were with five Canadian regiments, 24 with a single Polish regiment, and the remainder with nine British regiments. OTHER LEND-LEASE USE 40 The second largest operator of the M10 other than British and Commonwealth units was the Free French army which was actually the first to receive the type in 1943. In total, some 155 M10s were delivered to French units through Lend-Lease channels though about a hundred additional M10 tank destroyers were transferred from US Army stocks to the French First Army during the war when it was part of the Sixth US Army Group.

US Army) The most effective version of the M 10 was the British M 1OC 17-pdr. which had the 3-inch gun replaced by the 17-pdr. This M 1OC is seen in training with the Polish 1st Anti-Tank Regiment in the UK prior to deployment to Normandy with the Polish 1st Armoured Division. (Sikorski Institute) LeClerc's legendary 2nd Armored Division. Due to a shortage of army volunteers, the regiment was formed from French Navy sailors, who retained their distinctive caps. This unit was involved in the liberation of Paris where one of its M10s engaged in a duel with a Panther on the Place de la Concorde in the heart of the city.

Vehicles stationed in Indochina had the registration number starting in IC. G1. M36 90MM GMC, YUGOSLAV PEOPLE'S ARMY, BALKAN WARS, 1996 Yugoslavia received the M36 and M36B1 as MAP aid in the 1950s. They were eventually repainted in the standard Yugoslav People's Army scheme, which was a gray-green color, noticeably lighter than the Warsaw Pact dark green. Tactical markings were very sparse, a four-digit number in white on the upper turret front. During the civil war in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, some local militias repainted their M36s in far more elaborate schemes, but this vehicle remained in the pre-war colors until it was finally abandoned.

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