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By J. R. Hammond

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This world, says Sir James Jeans, is going on for a million million years. I wave the striving immortals onward, and step aside. Sir J. C. ' 1 The chief flaw in his make-up was a tearing impatience: a combination of restlessness with a furious energy which led him to produce book after book at prodigious speed. His three encyclopaedias alone- The Outline of History, The Science of Life and The Work, Wealth and Happiness of Mankind-would be considered the life's work of any normal man. Yet he wrote more than a hundred books in addition to these.

I like to write, I am keenly in- Wells's Literary Reputation 21 terested in writing, but it is not my technique ... do what I will I fail to see how I can be other than a lax, undisciplined storyteller. I must sprawl and flounder, comment and theorise, ifl am to get the thing out I have in mind. 2 One may argue that in this statement he was doing less than justice to himself, for if the expression 'a born novelist' has any meaning then he was certainly that. And yet how true this confession is.

MARI TERRIBLE, LE. Short story, published in Thirty Strange Stories but not included in CSS: the narrator, Bellows, describes a conversation with a flirtatious wife. MARRIAGE. Novel, published in 1912. Trafford and his wife Marjorie, dissatisfied with the emptiness of life in Edwardian London, leave England for Labrador in order to think out afresh their attitude to life. MASTER ANTHONY AND THE ZEPPELIN. Short story, first published in Princess Marie-jose's Children's Book (Cassell, 1916). Not included in CSS.

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