New PDF release: Alphabetter Juice: or, The Joy of Text

By Roy Blount Jr.

ISBN-10: 1429922788

ISBN-13: 9781429922784

Fresh-squeezed Lexicology, with Twists

No guy of letters savors the ABC's, or serves them up, like language-loving slapstick comedian Roy Blount Jr. His thesaurus, from ad hominy to zizz, is hearty, complete bodied, and out to delight discriminating palates coarse and high quality. In 2008, he celebrated the gists, tangs, and energies of letters and their combos in Alphabet Juice, to broad acclaim. Now, Alphabetter Juice. that's better.

This e-book is for anyone—novice wordsmith, sensuous reader, or occupation grammarian—who likes to get actual with phrases. what's the common signal of disgust, ew, doing in beautiful and cutie? Why is toadless, yet no longer frogless, within the Oxford English Dictionary? How can the U. S. excellent courtroom locate relevance in gollywoddles? may there be clinical proof for the sonicky worth of hunch? And why may anyone no longer trouble to spell thoroughly the very observe he's attempting to outline on

Digging into how locutions evolve, and paintings, or fail, Blount attracts upon every little thing from The Tempest to The Wire. he's taking us to Iceland, for salmon-watching with a "girl gillie," and to Georgian England, the place a exclusive etymologist bites off extra of a "giantess" than he can chunk. Jimmy Stewart looks, in reference to kludge and the bombing of Switzerland. Litigation over supercalifragilisticexpialidocious leads to a classic werewolf motion picture; information of possum-tossing, to metanarrative.

As Michael Dirda wrote in The Washington submit publication World, "The immensely likeable Blount in actual fact possesses what used to be known as within the Italian Renaissance 'sprezzatura,' that infrequent and enviable skill to do even the main tricky issues with no breaking a sweat." Alphabetter Juice is brimming with sprezzatura. Have a flavor.

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