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By Steve, C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps, Steve C. Cripps

ISBN-10: 1580532829

ISBN-13: 9781580532822

The writer is knowledgeable in RF amplifiers. during this publication he expands upon the guidelines provided in his past publication which was once a most sensible vendor.

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4 RF current, voltage amplitudes and efficiency for Doherty PA using Class C peaking device. 3 to include the dc components. The result is essentially the classical Doherty efficiency curve for a symmetrical configuration and a 6-dB breakpoint. The slightly sluggish start to the peaking PA conduction, caused by the Class C operation, causes some variation in the main PA voltage beyond the breakpoint. This also necessitates reducing the Zo value slightly in order to keep the main PA voltage swing below the stipulated supply rail value.

25, representing a breakpoint at 12-dB backoff. This will require a G ratio of 3. In a modulation system which has occasional peaks rising up to 12 dB above the average power level, such a configuration would only utilize the much larger periphery peaking device when required to transmit a peak, thus saving much power. Once again, it is not possible to plot an efficiency curve without making some stipulations about how the peaking amplifier will be realized. 3 (Vq < 0 cases), it is clear that the peaking device periphery must be scaled up, by at least the G factor.

The dependency of the output power on the input drive signal, however, remains as defined by the main device characteristic, which can be much more linear. This property will now be further illustrated in some specific examples. Some further nomenclature needs to be defined, in order to allow for more generalized cases. Of particular importance in any Doherty PA will be the relative Imax values for the main and peaking devices; this forms one of the essential starting parameters for a design. Throughout this analysis, the symbols Im , Ip are the amplitudes of the fundamental components of the main and peaking device currents, and not their instantaneous values.

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