A Reading of Hegel's "Phenomenology of Spirit by Quentin Lauer PDF

By Quentin Lauer

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Quentin Lauer is likely one of the most sensible writers on Hegel. learn his different books too. in particular the "Essays in Hegelian Dialectic" between others.

Hegel is tough to appreciate firstly, Mr. Lauer makes the duty a section more straightforward. even though extra introductory fabrics might be wanted for many readers prior to this one is learn.

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Understanding conceptualizes the latter as the relationship of opposing forces; consciousness experiences the former as the relationship of opposing consciousnesses. Each consciousness makes sense only as both for itself and for the other; each mediates the movement by which the other comes to itself, and the mediating activity is recognition. "Each is for the other the means whereby each mediates and binds itself to itself and whereby each is to itself and to the other an immediate being which is for itself and at the same time is thus for itself only through this mediation.

As stated in the Introduction, however, the goal of the Phenomenology is not to determine what the mind knows, only what knowing is in the fullest sense of the term; the "phenomenon" being examined is the phenomenon of knowing. Before going through the process, which is the whole of the Phenomenology, there is no telling either whether the goal can be attained 30 Johannes Heinrichs, Die Logik der "Phänomenologie des Geistes" (Bonn: Bouvier Verlag Herbert Grundmann, 1974), p. 75.  34 35 < previous page < previous page page_13 page_130 next page > next page > Page 130 object of his appetite, for which he does not have to work, and a relationship to a "consciousness for which thinghood is the essential" (p.

Skeptical consciousness permits no determinateness of reality to be imposed on it; its thinking simply negates all fixity, thus producing a true certainty of itself, because nothing else counts; "it is to itself the indifference (Ataraxie) of itself thinking itself" and becomes "absolute dialectical unrest" (p. 156/248/205); there is nothing to hold it down. Skeptical consciousness, however, has paid too high a price for its independence of reality as given; it is left with the purely contingent, dizzy chaos which it of itself produces.

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