Donna Wong's A Learner's Guide to Irish PDF

By Donna Wong

ISBN-10: 1908057408

ISBN-13: 9781908057402

This Irish-language path is directed at newcomers whose first language is English and especially these dwelling overseas and others who've had no publicity to the Irish language within the Irish academic approach. the reasons and educating notes are all in English and the path is appropriate for entire rookies throughout to intermediate point. The references and examples mentioned consultant freshmen throughout the a number of dictionaries, grammars, dialects, and kinds that they stumble upon during their reviews.

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ACROSS 3. ownership mark made on cattle 4. a cloth pattern with colored bands and lines crossing each other 6. a strong desire for more than you need 3 7. a thick string or thin rope 4 8. the opposite of narrow 6 9. finish 2 1 T S B DOWN P 5 G 1. to exchange S 2. spoke 4. a street procession 7 C 8 9 E W 5. com 57 WORD CATEGORIES 1 Another way to organize words is to classify them by category. A. Write a letter to identify the category that correctly labels each group of words. The first one has been done for you.

______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 4. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 5. ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 6.

_____ A fast _____ C faster _____ S fastest 2. _____ tired _____ most tired _____ more tired 3. _____ thirstier _____ thirstiest _____ thirsty 4. _____ more willing _____ most willing _____ willing 5. _____ shaky _____ shakier _____ shakiest 6. _____ most beautiful _____ beautiful _____ more beautiful 7. _____ cleverer _____ cleverest _____ clever 8. _____ straightest _____ straight _____ straighter B. Write original sentences using the boldface comparatives and superlatives. 1. happier ______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 2.

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