A Functional Biology of Scyphozoa by Mary N. Arai (auth.) PDF

By Mary N. Arai (auth.)

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Scyphozoa have attracted the eye of many sorts of individuals. Naturalists watch their sleek locomotion. Fishermen may perhaps dread the swarms that may hinder fishing or consume larval fish. Bathers retreat from the water in the event that they are stung. humans from a few Asiatic nations devour the medusae. Comparative physiologists study them as in all likelihood easy types for the functioning of assorted platforms. This publication integrates information from these and different investigations right into a practical biology of scyphozoa. it's going to emphasize the wide variety of adaptive responses attainable in those morphologically rather easy animals. The publication will be aware of the learn of the final 35 years, partially simply because there was a speedy growth of information in the course of that interval, and in part simply because a lot of the former paintings was once summarized through books released among 1961 and 1970. Bibliographies of papers on scyphozoa have been integrated in Mayer (1910) and Kramp (1961). Taxonomic diagnoses also are integrated in these monographs, in addition to in a monograph at the scyphomedusae of the USSR released through Naumov (Naumov, 1961). so much impor­ tantly, a genenttion of scyphozoan staff has used as its 'bible' the monograph by means of F.S.Russell (1970) The Medusae of the British Isles. despite its restrictive identify, his ebook reports lots of the info at the biology of scyphozoa as much as that date.

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The sarcoplasmic reticulum in these cells may be absent or represented by a few small vesicles or by subsurface cisternae below the junctions (Westfall, 1973; Spangenberg, 1977; Blanquet and Riordan, 1981; Matsuno, 1981b; Anderson and Schwab, 1981; Matsuno and Hisamatsu, 1982). 3 Physiological properties of muscles The force of contraction of a muscle is dependent on the crosssectional area of the contractile material but weight moved is dependent on volume, therefore larger animals of a given shape tend to be more sluggish.

Also in the exumbrellar epithelium, peripheral to the touch plate and in the subumbrellar endoderm just proximal to the statocyst, are patches of pigmented cells forming ocelli. 6 Radial section through a marginal sense organ of the medusa of Aurelia aurita. The subumbrellar pit is stippled in outline because each member of the pair is just to one side of the mid-line. ao = aboral ocellus; ep = exumbrellar sensory pit; m = mesoglea of hood; n = neurite layer; 00 = oral ocellus; r = lumen of rhopalium; s = statocyst containing statoliths; sp = subumbrellar sensory pit; t = touch plate.

Based on cutting experiments around the rhopalium, he deduced that the marginal centre lies close enough to the root of the rhopalium that it can be damaged when the immediate area of the rhopalium is removed, but it remains unimpaired when just the rhopalium is carefully removed. The location of the marginal centre approximately corresponds to the aggregation of nerve cells at the base of the rhopalium which has been referred to as the marginal ganglion. However, other functions are also carried out by the ganglion.

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