Download e-book for iPad: A Fascination for Fish: Adventures of an Underwater Pioneer by David C. Powell, Sylvia A. Earle

By David C. Powell, Sylvia A. Earle

ISBN-10: 0520223667

ISBN-13: 9780520223660

ISBN-10: 0585467463

ISBN-13: 9780585467467

This attractive memoir provides one man's lifelong love of the sea and offers a hugely own, behind-the-scenes examine California's incredible and leading edge aquariums. David Powell, for a few years curator of the world-renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium, tells the tale of his lifestyles as a pioneering aquarist. From dealing with nice white sharks to transporting smooth fish on bumpy airplanes to nighttime diving for fish within the Indian Ocean, A Fascination for Fish describes some of the mind-boggling demanding situations that make sleek aquariums attainable and gives an fascinating glimpse underneath the ocean's floor.

Powell's occupation in diving and aquarium improvement is going again to the start of recent equipment in either components. From the early ideas he devised to get fish into aquariums alive and fit to his later exploratory dive to a intensity of 11 hundred ft in a two-person submarine, Powell's action-packed narrative conjures up laughter, ask yourself, and philosophical mirrored image. A Fascination for Fish additionally contains many tales approximately Powell's diving adventures at the California coast, within the Sea of Cortez, and in lots of distant and unique destinations world wide.

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That stretch of road is crossed by numerous soft, sandy arroyos, and I was as impressed with the way the little car went through sand as I was with Dave’s driving skills. When we arrived at the tiny fishing settlement of Puertecitos, Dave said he needed a break. He proceeded to lie down on the ground and fall fast asleep. Twenty minutes later he was up and ready to go. Clearly this was an energetic and driven man. We took o¤ again for San Luis Gonzaga, another fifty miles south. The terrain changed considerably and the road began to wind up over steep, rocky hills.

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