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By Edward Hendrie

9/11-Enemies international and family proves past an inexpensive doubt that the U.S. Government's conspiracy concept of the assaults on September eleven, 2001, is a preposterous conceal tale. The proof in 9/11-Enemies international and family has been suppressed from the reliable govt reviews and censored from the mass media. The proof proves that strong Zionists ordered the 11th of September assaults, which have been perpetrated by means of Israel's Mossad, aided and abetted by means of treacherous excessive officers within the U.S. govt. 9/11-Enemies overseas and family identifies the traitors through identify and info their subversive crimes. there's adequate proof in 9/11-Enemies overseas and household to indict vital officers of the U.S. executive for top treason. The reader will know the way the U.S. executive particularly works and what Sir John Harrington (1561-1612) intended while he stated: "Treason doth by no means prosper: what is the cause? Why if it prosper, none dare name it treason." there are thousands of american citizens who've taken an oath to protect the U.S. structure opposed to all enemies international and family. The mass media, that is less than the keep an eye on of a disloyal cabal, retains these patriotic americans unaware of the traitors between them. J. Edgar Hoover, former Director of the FBI, defined: "The person is handicapped by way of coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous-he easily can't think it exists." 9/11-Enemies international and household erases any doubt concerning the life of the huge conspiracy defined via Hoover and hands the reader with the data required to save lots of our nice state. "My everyone is destroyed for loss of knowledge." Hosea 4:6.

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The Commission simulation shows the flight path of the official story, at an angle reflected by the damage inside the building, consistent with the downed light poles, and to the south of two nearby buildings housing the Navy Annex and a Citgo gas station. The NTSB simulation shows the plane headed towards the building on a path north of the two buildings and the line of lampposts. 81 Notice the key point made in the complaint that the NTSB simulation, based upon the flight data in the black box, shows the plane headed toward the building on a path north of the Citgo gas station.

The lack of evidence can be the basis for disproving a theory. There is a lack of evidence that a large plane crashed in the crater near Shanksville; the items that have turned up were so obviously planted, only the most gullible would believe they were evidence of a plane crash. We can reasonably infer, therefore, that the UA Flight 93 Boeing 757 did not crash at Shanksville. It is on that basis that the government's conspiracy theory can easily be disproved. We do not know for sure what happened to the plane or the passengers that were supposed to be aboard the flight.

51 Below right is a closeup picture of the hole in the C ring. 52 Explosives experts who have looked at the hole in the C ring of the Pentagon have concluded that it was made with an explosive shaped charge. 53 A symmetrical hole is a telltale characteristic of a rapid wall breaching shaped charge used by the military. 54 Supposed Path of Alleged Plane to C Ring Hole The official story is that an aircraft made of thin aluminum was able to pierce through a 24-inch thick bomb resistant brick, concrete, and limestone wall and continue through nine more feet of reinforced concrete in five more walls in three other buildings before punching out a nearly Symmetrical hole with the thin aluminum nose of the plane, leaving no evidence of the plane near the impact area or the exit hole.

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