536 puzzles & curious problems by Henry E. Dudeney, Martin Gardner PDF

By Henry E. Dudeney, Martin Gardner

Генри Эрнест Дьюдени (10 апреля 1857 - 23 апреля 1930) был английский писатель и математик, который специализировался на логических головоломках и математических играх.
Трудно в наше время найти хоть одну книгу по занимательной математике, в которой (часто без указания авторства) не нашлось бы нескольких блестящих математических задач, рожденных его неисчерпаемой фантазией.

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The residents know it is better to keep the characters alive, as more information can be extracted from them. If the PCs elect to fight, a battle could be disastrous; in a small community the PCs could wipe out the population. However, in a large community the sheer number of residents could spell the defeat of the adventurers. Consult the “Valley Elves,” the “Gnomes of the Vale,” and the “Tree People” sections for information about the races. If the PCs are subdued or surrender, the leaders of the community quiz them about their presence in the vale, where they are from, and their intentions.

They especially enjoy shiny objects and regularly inventory their horde to make sure creatures invading their territory have not stolen from them. Jaleedas are believed to live about 50 years and are able to lay eggs through the first 40 years. They seem to have no language, but communicate with each other through horrid-sounding caws and wing gestures. There are several ways the DM can involve the player characters in this adventure. The easiest way is to start the adventure in Bissel, near the Valley of the Mage.

Grists have no real treasure of their own. However, if defeated grists are shattered, gems and coins occasionally can be found inside them-they consume rocks and minerals found on their victims, which includes ore, coins, and gems and jewelry. Ecology: Grists are found attached to the inside or outside of buildings, as well as along columns, roofs, and rocky mountainsides. They have not been encountered elsewhere. They are not believed to communicate with each other. Gaiveling CLIMATE/TERRAIN: FREQUENCY: ORGANIZATION: ACTIVITY CYCLE: DIET INTELLIGENCE: TREASURE: ALIGNMENT Any cavern or mountain Very rare Clan Any Minerals High (13-14) Special Neutral Good NO.

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