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In our way of life, we see or pay attention from others approximately many desirable issues. occasionally, they seem completely incredible. This e-book offers 501 such staggering Facts.,,,,,

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Dog in Space The first living being to go into space was a dog namedLaika on 3rd November 1957. Sun’s Size 109 Earths would fit side by side across the diameter of the sun. Life of Sun The Sun is a 5 billion years old star and is supposed to remain exist for another 5 billion years (Fig. 5). Sirus Sirus is called Dog Star Planet’s Name from a God The planet Jupiter - the largest in the solar system - gets its name from Rome’s supreme God, Jupiter. A Chip of the Moon A tiny slice of moon rock is sealed in the stained glass window dedicated to scientists and technicians in Washington Cathedral, USA.

The book also shows some additional items. Most of the facts have been illustrated fairly well. The book has been written in a popular easy appealing language for the common readers, especially children. I hope it will be appreciated by all readers. Sanjeev Garg 1. ASTONISHING PLANET EARTH Booming Sound Loud booming sounds are produced in deserts when sand slips down the steep faces of the dunes. How Cold The average temperature at South Pole is -50°C. 2°C. Magnetic Poles The North Magnetic Pole is about 1600 km from the true North Pole, while the South Magnetic Pole is about 2570 km from the South Pole (Fig.

Opium Opium is obtained from the seeds of poppy plants (Fig. 7). 7. FACTS ABOUT PEOPLE Monk A Greek monk Mihallo Toltos never saw a woman in his life. When he was born, his mother died and the baby was taken the following day to a monastery atop the Mount Athos. He spent his life among the monks-isolated from women. Even female animals were not allowed to enter the monastery. Cleopatra Cleopatra always wore a fake beard when presiding over court proceedings. Royal Role YuBrynner played the same role 4625 times.

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