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R and trigger as shown in Figure 25. 1) counterclockwi•e and thus pull the bottom levers (Q) to the right. These bottom levers (Q) , ho wever. cannot go to the right because they are held to the left by the breech bolt pawls (X) bearing against the lugs, Figures 24 and 25, on the bou om levers (Q}. There are two levers (Q) and they form the bottom levers of the paralleiogram against which the right and left breech pawls (X \ . Figu re 24, bear. These two breech pawls (X ) are pivoted on the breech bolt (£), Figure 24 .

It is, therefore, unnecessury to recock by band to resume firing or after changing n1a~nzines. N PLUNGER- REAR TRIGGER HOOK v LUG ON Q ENGAGING BOLT PAWL SEAR Figure. ram front lever T he recoiling mass is shown in Figures 24 and 25 held in t he cocked position. S this would be to the left). The recoil sear (0 ). Fogure 24, is attached to t he re3r e nd of the breech bolt by an axis bolt (F). The trigger hook (A) is hooked on the recoil sear (0 ), thereby preventing the breech i>lock and its bolt (E) from moving fonv3rd.

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