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By Edgar A. Stitt

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This booklet is devoted to the reminiscence of expert ClarenceA. funds, scout, 4th Battalion, 66th Armor, third Brigade, third Infantry department, killed in motion, Feb.27, 1991, in the course of offensive operations opposed to the Iraqi Medina Republican shield department in southern Iraq.

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3rd Inf. Div. soldier killed in action during the Persian Gulf War. Command Sgt. Maj. , give a thumbs-up 10 the overwhelming defeat of the Iraqi army while holding a captured Iraqi flag . Left side view of a Bradley with Apache helicopters flying over shortly after the end of the war. Immediately after the 0800 hours (Saudi time) , American combat vehicles from the 4th Bn. , 3rd Inf. , took up defensive positions and raised American national and state flags to celebrate the defeat of the Iraqi army and the end of the war.

Edics from the 26th Spt. Bn. receive training on the loading of wounded soldiers on evacuation helicopters from the helicopters crew. M728 combat engineer vehicle with a mine plow mounted. The M728 mounts a 165mm demolition gun and has an A-frame for lifting purposes. Rear view of an M113A3 armored personnel carrier equipped with the ground laser indicator/designator (GLlD) . The German built "Fuchs" (Fox) chemical warfare APC was sent to Saudi Arabia due to the Iraqi threat use chemical weapons against ground troops.

As Hernandez and Hauck began searching the enemy soldiers, a couple more Iraqis appeared, dropped their weapons and surrendered, "It was a tense moment. I think I was more scared than they were ," said Hauck, The Iraqi soldiers fear of being executed disappeared when they realized these Marne Division soldiers would treat them according to international law, "About five minutes into the search they relaxed and even tried to help us search them," said Hauck, Many other enemy prisoners of war (EPW) were taken by the Phantom Brigade, Sergeant Maj.

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